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A busy weekend

On Friday afternoon good friends from London arrived… with their three small boys in tow (six, three, and 8 months). They are staying a week, and Mike and I have been having a blast showing them all over town this weekend. We’ve been out at Kuong See waterfall, which the six year old says, “is like the sort of dream place you want to think about when you’re trying to go to sleep.”

And we’ve been dining by the Mekong, checking out the boats:

And we’ve been trekking around Paper Village learning about how they make elephant dung into paper…

And how they weave silk into scarves…

In short, we’ve been having a grand, hot, fun-filled weekend (though, I must say, one that’s made me grateful that Mike and I are not having triplets in five months – one will be plenty to start with). Tomorrow we’re up at six to head up to the villages for a day. Back with you later this week when things calm down around here. Hope you all had a great weekend!