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Role shift

Lisa and Mike’s last skype date Aceh to LA on this particular trip. Skype hasn’t dropped out once in the whole hour and fifteen minutes of this conversation. There is no delay, static, or echo on the line. Lisa and Mike are feeling like they’ve got it so good it’s like they’re practically in the same room, sitting on the same couch. Practically.

The subject for the last fifteen minutes has been a dilemma. One of those multiple competing-interests-involved-personal-dilemmas:

Mike: “You know what part of your problem is? You try so hard to make everyone happy.”
Lisa: “And isn’t that just lucky for you.”
Mike: “Mmmm, I’m going to sit on that one for a while.”
Lisa: “Why do I always come off as the bad guy in our exchanges? It’s because you don’t take my set-ups when I expect you too.”
Mike: “Every story needs a protagonist and an antagonist, honey.”
Lisa: “But why do I always have to be the damn antagonist?”
Mike: “Because you do it so well.”
Lisa: “Everyone wants a role shift now and again, though.”
Mike: “Well, today’s just not turning into your day, is it?”