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Best of 2011

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.” (Annais Nin)

Happy New Years Eve! In the spirit of celebrating roads already travelled on this last day of the year here were your favourite posts of the year, my favourite posts of the year, and Mike’s favourite photos from 2011.

Your favourite posts

The most popular posts from this past year (judged by traffic) were all pregnancy related. I guess there’s a reason why so many “mommy blogs” become big deals.

  1. Ten Great Gifts for Pregnant Women and Thirty Great Gifts for Pregnant Women and New Parents
  2. Introducing Dominic McKay Wolfe
  3. Koi Maan Luuk (or “I am pregnant”)
  4. Push it: Music for labour and delivery
  5. Ten good things about boys: Attaining synthetic happiness one gender stereotype at a time

My favourite posts

Some of the posts on the list above are near and dear to my heart, as well. But here are five other favorites of mine from the past year.

  1. A Baby-Shaped Hole In My Heart: In which I write about my growing love for my unborn baby.
  2. Dear Dad, Love Dominic: In which a three week old Dominic writes a letter to Mike about how he’s sad to be apart on his first father’s day.
  3. Looking Like Love: A Letter To My Parents: In which I write a letter to my parents about how wonderful it’s been to stay with them for five months over the period of Dominic’s birth.
  4. T’is The Night Before (A Children’s Story): In which I make lemonade from lemons by turning a string of awful, sleepless nights into a rhyming children’s story.
  5. More than a brighter shade of happiness: In which I think about joy, happiness, and the fruits of motherhood.

Mike’s favourite photos

 I asked Mike to pick five favourite photos but he came back with nine – one for each, long month of pregnancy. So with no further ado, here they are:

Thanks for reading this blog and following along with my (our) story! If you blog, leave a link in the comments section to your own favourite post or two from your blog this year, or let us know how you’ll be celebrating New Years Eve. 

I hope 2011’s been a great year for you and that 2012 promises great things.

With Love from Laos,
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Monks on the hill

Another photo from our first day here. I accidentally had the camera on some setting that saturated all the colors – I have no idea what that setting was. The monks were coming down the steps from one of the temples – I have no idea which one.

Yesterday, walking alone in the night market, I saw a whole posse of men dressed as monks. They had cameras slung over their shoulders, and shopping bags. One was using a video camera to film a vendor selling quilts. I have no idea what they were doing or if they were, in fact, local monks. Perhaps there is some sort of monk tourism program?

So much to learn.


On days when I don’t post something longer I’ll try to post a photo – starting with orchids.

I took this on our first morning in Luang Prabang, walking along the road by the Mekong. The orchids were just tumbling out of the tree and hanging over the path in front of us – a moment too perfect to miss. I love the way that focusing on the flowers renders the background hazy, but you can still pick out trees, a smear of the Mekong off to the left, and an empty riverside street populated by a motorbike, a tuk tuk, and a riverside restaurant umbrella.

For now, I’ve put a slice of this image in my blog header to remind me of several things as I write here.

That I live in Laos. (Yup, still working on processing that one.)

That, after the bleak hours the night of our arrival, there was loveliness waiting for me at dawn.

And that unless I remember to stop and focus – really focus – on one thing at a time, each particular and fragile beauty will blend into the lush bustle of life.