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Mike and Lisa are having breakfast and talking about The Moth GrandSlam next Tuesday. Lisa hasn’t figured out which story she’s going to tell. She is much more concerned about this state of affairs than the fact that she will shortly be late for work.

Mike, who can see the clock from where he’s sitting, glances over and jumps up.

Mike: “You’re going to be late – you better go put on your makeup.”
Lisa: “I have my makeup on!”
Mike (realizing the gravity of the moment, crosses the kitchen and takes Lisa in his arms): “OK, let’s review. Why do women wear makeup?”
Lisa: “Mostly for themselves, obviously.”
Mike: “And why is that?”
Lisa: “Well, because they want men to notice and love them!”
Mike: “But what’s the problem with that?”
Lisa: “You don’t love me!
Mike: “Clearly, yes, that’s your problem.”
[Lisa stands still and lets herself be kissed.]
Mike: “No, the problem is that men don’t notice. You want to wear makeup? You’re on your own.”