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Cold feet

It’s cold. Lisa jumps into bed and squirrels over to Mike’s side.

Mike (moving backwards, trying to escape): “What are you doing?”
Lisa (sweetly, very sweetly): “I just want to be close to you. I can’t go to sleep without cuddles.”
Mike: “That’s not what you want, you want…”
(Lisa makes contact with her target)
Mike: “AH! Your feet are icicles! You’re a heat sucking parasite!”
Lisa (hugging tighter, lest he escape): “But I just loooooove you. That’s all. I just want to be close to you.”
Mike: “Awww, could you be just a bit more pathetic when you say that next time? That’d be great.”
Lisa (abandoning sweetness): “Oh, you’re fine, stop complaining. You wake up hot and sweaty at midnight every night. You have plenty of heat to spare.”
Mike: “Not right now I don’t! It’s not midnight yet, is it? Fine. If you have to lie here at least lie still and stop slithering around so it doesn’t feel like small, cold animals are running up and down my legs.”
Lisa: “You don’t seem to mind small, cold animals when you’re scuba diving.”
Mike: “Well the fish don’t touch me now, do they?”