Heading back to Laos today

The doctors at the hospital felt confident enough to discharge us yesterday … until I mentioned that Dominic had started to cough and sneeze. As it turns out, he was coming down with his first major cold.

When the hospital relayed this information to the insurance company, they strongly recommended that we stay at least one more night. In fact, they stopped just short of telling us they wouldn’t fly us home yet even if we wanted to go. So we spent our third night in the hospital last night with the poor little fellow – this time trying to figure out how to prevent him from falling asleep only to wake up two or three minutes later gagging, choking, and coughing.

Why is it that in all the parenthood stories I’ve heard so far, I’ve never heard someone talk about how scary to watch a baby struggle to breathe when they have a cold? Or maybe I’m just finding everything scary at the moment.

Anyway, Dominic is breathing easier this morning and so are we. We’re still dosing him regularly with painkillers, but he seems to be fairly resigned to the cast on his leg and we’re seeing many more smiles.

And even some flapping…

We’re being discharged today and flying home this afternoon on the 1:30 flight. Thank you all again for all your comments on the blog and via facebook, as well as your emails. We haven’t been able to reply to many of these messages of support, but they have all been read and greatly appreciated!

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8 responses to “Heading back to Laos today

  1. Bon voyage, praying you arrive safely and in better comfort and health than when you left. Love you all.

  2. Poor little Dominic.. Wish him a speedy recovery!!!! He sure looks like he handled it well. Have a safe trip back to Laos.

  3. Michael & Rachel

    Great news. These kids are amazingly resilient and quick to move on to the next stage. Off you go home now!

  4. What an experience…one for the baby books for sure! Dominic laughing in these wonderful photos reassures us all. Safe journey home and lots of rest to you all.

  5. oh my goodness. he is just the cutest child EVER! So glad he is better. Here’s an old natural help for colds that has helped my kids – cut an onion in half and put it on a plate or bowl in the child’s room. somehow, it helps. stinks for a while and then the smell is gone. Strange, but true!

  6. So happy to hear you can return home and that the little guy is not suffering any more. It broke my heart to hear about the broken leg and the panic you must have been feeling. But what a difference a few days can make. He is on the road to recovery and he won’t remember a thing ! Looking forward to more updates. He is adorable.

  7. Y’all, he is SO cute. I love little chubby legs. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery from the cold, and a good flight home.

  8. Hi Mike and Lisa, this is Rhianna here in Bangkok. Brea just alerted me to what’s going on and we’re so glad to know and be able to pray for you all. I wish we could have been of some help while you were here, but I know you were beautifully cared for and it sounds like have much support. Please be in touch with us if there’s ever any way we can help you!

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