Things to love about coming home

We’ve been back 48 hours, and I’m way too tired to write anything deep on the current theme of love, so I thought I’d just offer a look at things I’ve loved about being back so far…

The power went out before 9am the first morning we were back, so instead of unpacking and organizing necessities like change tables and diapers we spent three hours mostly trying to stay cool. Well, Mike and I tried to stay cool. Crazy baby didn’t want to lie on the tiles for some reason so he lay on Mike and sweated his way into a bad mood. A really bad mood.

Oh, wait. I was supposed to be talking about things I’ve loved. My bad.

OK, lets talk about the stroller. I love this stroller. Seriously. I spent more time researching this stroller than I spent researching the first and only car I ever bought. Way more time. The car decision (a silver jetta) was based on two qualities – shape and colour. The fact that VW’s are pretty safe was an incidental bonus. The stroller decision, on the other hand, was made after hours of online research, the waylaying of total strangers to check out the model they were pushing and solicit their input, and much cruising of e-bay.

The stroller I finally chose and bought second hand (a City Urban Baby Jogger) is a BMW of baby prams. It has suspension and sturdy rubber wheels to deal with Laos streets, mesh panels to keep things cooler, and a swivel front wheel you can lock straight when needed. The thing slides as if greased with astroglide when you give it the merest nudge. Not for the first time, I find myself jealous of my own baby. I wish someone would put me in this stroller and push me around while I did this…

Luckily for us, Dominic seems to love the stroller almost as much as I do. We’ve taken him out and about a couple of times now as we’re reacquainting ourselves with our favourite restaurants, and he hasn’t cried once. Well, not while the stroller’s actually moving. We’ve managed one meal out of three with him asleep in the thing. The other two meals have been eaten in shifts – one of us gobbling while the other walks the grumpy munchkin.

I’m not sure Dominic likes the heat. When he hasn’t been fussing he’s spent an awful lot of time looking something like this since we arrived home:

"Gosh, life is exhausting. I could really do with a big ice cream right now"

But he hasn’t been grumpy the entire time we’ve been back. Sometimes he does this.

"Did you SEE that??? It's a red and green COW!!!"

Awwww, isn’t that cute? I love that too. I haven’t got to see that face too much in the last 48 hours, but lets not dwell on that, it’s awesome when it comes to visit. Or when he snuggles down in my arms at 4am and spits out his dummy for the sole purpose of smiling up at me. Yeah, that’s almost as good as sleep. Almost.

So what else have I loved about being back? Cinnamon buns and a mint lemon freeze at Joma. Walking the familiar streets here with Mike and not coming home absolutely dripping – the cool season’s not here quite yet, but it’s on its way. Seeing trees near the house that were knee-high when I left which are now taller than I am. Feeling our little dog lick my hand, searching for affection. Sorting and stacking baby clothes – a weird one, I know, but even though I’m absolutely exhausted there’s something fun about organizing our own space to make it baby friendly. I think they call this nesting. I think most people do it before they have a baby, but hey, I’m not always the fastest player in the game.

Have you been away lately? What’s one of your favorite things about coming home?

8 responses to “Things to love about coming home

  1. Loos to me like he could be missing his nanna

  2. Little Dominic is only 2 months old and is yet already an adventurer!
    Wishing you 3 lots of happy home moments in Laos!

    My favorite things about coming home: my own shower, toilet and bed! Even when I have been away in a 5 star hotel, nothing feels as good as my own stuff 😉

    And also: mum food. Even if just an ordinary dish… her food always makes me feel like “home”…

  3. Hullo! Welcome home! 🙂 so very glad to see you guys settling in! :)so. Your own bed (and with hubby) is always so awesome to come home too. Warms my heart to see Dominic in the little planes jumper lying on Mike; I think T did the same in it! Aren’t modern strollers the bomb? I STILL get joy out of pushing ours, four years later, and that’s good considering the price! Now if only a car that was as well made and thought out only cost $300…. :p … enjoy thoae 4am grins. they are magical

    • I’m wearing one of your maternity tank tops as I type this :). Hope you guys are all really well. Would love to do a fireside dinner right about now, with kids in tow. Alas. Maybe sometime in the future. Thinking of you a lot.

  4. Lovely, uplifting and always thoughtful and witty Lisa!!! Dominic is growing so quickly…just precious. Glad you are settling back in to your home in Laos and bet he will be a most adaptable baby! My nephews were a bit spoiled by a.c. early on and that was only in Michigan! Cheers and hugs to you all.

    • He is growing quickly! And as for being spoiled by AC, he may well be spoiled by AC here too as I need it in the house for health reasons. I do hope, however, that he’ll still be plenty adaptable. He’s doing well so far… not that he has much choice, I guess 🙂

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