Holidays in Noosa

Hello from the sunshine coast! I figured that after all the stress of being born Dominic deserved a holiday, so I packed him up and we’ve spent the last four nights at Noosa (also, the fact that some of my closest friends had planned to get-together for five nights up here may have been additional motivation). I was a little nervous about taking him away by myself at four weeks old, but it’s turned out to be a great decision to come crash this party. Three of my friends up here also have babies younger than nine months old so there have been many willing hands to cuddle little D, and lots of other parents to watch and learn from.

Learn I have. After some tutoring I’ve even graduated to bathing Dominic solo, and after an unfortunate poo explosion at the markets I’ve definitely learned to pack spare clothes in the diaper bag. Luckily for all concerned we’d just picked up Auntie Michelle at the airport and she was carrying a brand new outfit for him in her suitcase. Win. Well, except for the part where I had to strip off Dominic’s clothes in the park while he screamed so hard at the shock of the cold breeze and the general indignity of public nudity that he went purple.

We head home tomorrow and hopefully Dominic will behave as well on the four-hour car trip back as he did on the way up. And, look what we have waiting for us when we get home… Dominic’s first pet. He lives in and around the shed and Dad calls him Bruce. He’s not as big as the giant snake in Laos, but he’s still a good size. Big enough to play with, anyway.

Sorry, it’s been a while since we had a snake photo on the blog and I couldn’t resist. Here’s a couple of other less reptilian photos of what we’ve been up to lately. Hope you’ve had as much good quality time with friends as I have this week.

"I don't want kisses right now"

When I'm feeding in Ballina I can sometimes see wallabies in the garden

Hanging out with Dominic in Noosa. Do I look tired?? Yeah... I am.

Walks on the beach with friends at Noosa

Dominic - happy as a clam in the sling on the beach

Out for brunch with baby in tow


8 responses to “Holidays in Noosa

  1. Outstanding: Aunty Michelle on the job already, delegation at its finest 🙂

    and they travel easier at 4 weeks than 14, good to see all is well, except for that snake…..

  2. The snake has totally put me off coming to visit! lol j/k

    Looks like you are well in the swing of things up there – looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks! 😀

  3. Love the sling 🙂 I wear Baby J all over the place. Nice to see Dominic is as bald as J – all the cool kids are born with fuzz like that. Although J has a few rogue hairs that are about an inch long sprouting up the top, I have to resist the urge to pull them out.

    Nice to see you and Michelle together too ❤

    That snake is cool.

    Oh, and I'm tired too. It passes 🙂

    • I sure hope so. His fuzz is quite red at the moment – not sure where that came from! Mike suggested maybe the postman, but I pointed out that red hair certainly didn’t come from any postman you’d find in Laos.

  4. Love that little head arching back pose……know it so well and yet it is already so long ago for us! And yay, he fits into that sleep sack! So glad he is a weelicious babe and could wear the stuff instead of being born mega mongo! 🙂 I yay for aunties and yay for newborn travel. We did it at 6the wks with T and 2wks for W and well worth it for all the love ansd hugs you get 🙂

    • I have transitioned seamlessly from wearing your maternity clothes to wearing your breastfeeding clothes. Thanks again. And D’s loving all the little clothes. Thinking of you guys lots.

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