Higgledypiggledy: Weekend Links

Most people say that if you want to build a huge blog readership you should find your theme or your niche or your whatchamacallit – your topic that you write on again and again and again until becomes your brand. Then, they say, if you keep at it and write well your blog will take off like a cat with firecrackers tied to its tail and you’ll have hordes of people coming e-flocking.

Yeah, well. This blog is an odd mishmash of stories related to pregnancy, marriage, family, life in Laos, humanitarian work, positive psychology, puppies, and ice-cream/chocolate. An odd mishmash remarkably similar to my daily life, come to think of it. And so far I’m fine with being all higgledypiggledy rather than trying to be a brand.

So in the spirit of higgledypiggledy I thought I’d share some links with you this weekend – links I’ve recently found challenging, helpful, funny or just plain yummy. Enjoy.

On humanitarian work
A five-part series over on morealtitude on how to become an aid worker:
Know what you’re getting into
Aid work is a profession
Experience, education, and personality
Where do you fit?
Count the cost

On positive psychology
What makes us happy: Fascinating article (long, but worth it) on some of the lessons learned from the longitudinal study of 268 Harvard students that first began in 1937.

The Geography of Bliss: This book is part travel memoir, part exploration of happiness in different cultures and lands. It’s pithy and well-written and I really enjoyed it. 

On parenting
How to talk to little girls: A thought-provoking article on how adults tend to focus on a little girls appearance when complimenting them.

A lesson in fear: A funny essay by my friend, Jos, over at Zozo’s Mom about the challenges of toilet training.

In which I promise not to call myself fat: A lovely blog entry on emerging mummy about one woman’s battle with body image post-pregnancy and her promises to her daughters to raise them to celebrate real beauty.

On puppies
My story about “the Samoyed that almost was” (Friendly companions from Siberia) guest-posted on fellow author Chandra Hoffman’s blog last week. Having just bought home a most adorable Newfoundland puppy (I want one, I want one), she’s doing a dog blog series. 

On chocolate and ice cream
Molten fudge cake with raspberries and cream: This recipe was posted by my friend Nicole Baart under the title “Best Desert Ever” and I don’t think she’s far off on that! I made it yesterday and it was yumscrumptious. If you go visit Nicole’s website check out her wonderful books while you’re there.

Chocolate caramel slice: A couple of you have written asking what slices are. Well, here’s a link to a quintessential Australian slice – chocolate and caramel. They’re dense, gooey and yummy (or sickeningly sweet, depending on your tolerance for sugar).

Just for fun
Lioness tries to eat baby at zoo: Don’t worry – there is glass in between the two.

And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles: The story of a giant metal chicken and a wedding anniversary.

10 responses to “Higgledypiggledy: Weekend Links

  1. Well, HELLO chocolate caramel slice!!!! You WILL be mine! As soon as I can figure out what golden syrup and copha are . . . and figure out how to convert metric. Which, alas, might be never. And thanks for the link love. You rock!

    • Oooh, golden syrup is a must try. It’s quite a unique flavour – the consistency of molasses but not as dark and smokey a taste. As for copha, it’s a form of vegetable shortening, 100% fat. Discussion threads suggest “vegetable shortening” or “hydrogenated coconut fat ” would be good replacements but I can’t vouch for it.

  2. Lisa, I think the brand that you are “selling” on your blog is you. I started reading the blog because of who you are. I keep reading the blog because you are a good writer. So good, in fact, that I will read an article about things the normally do not interest or concern me because you wrote it. I can’t say the same for other acquaintances with blogs….

  3. I’ve been reading for a while now from Canada, and a huge part of the reason I keep coming back is that it is all higgledypiggledy here 🙂 I love the assortment of thoughts on all sorts of topics, most of which fascinate me!

  4. Merrilyn McKay

    Higgeldypiggedly could be an excellent brand. A tad difficult to spell perhaps but plenty of room to ‘move’….wherever, whenever.Whatever!

  5. I say brand smand. I enjoy your stories. All of them. Even the higgledypiggledy ones.

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