Monkeys, puppies, and pregnancy yoga

So much has been happening that I’m not sure where to start. Perhaps with the bad, sad, news. I have been informed that Abu, the monkey, has escaped from his abode and has now been missing for ten days. This means no more monkey play time for me in the near future, and no more monkey photos for you. Mike said that Abu probably ended up in a perfectly lovely soup somewhere. I told him that no one likes him (Mike, that is, not Abu. Everyone liked Abu.)

Well, everyone liked Abu except the person who actually had to live with him when he squeaked like a wind-up toy for hours on end, or leaped up onto the bench and took a single bite out of twenty different bananas, or tormented the puppy to distraction.

Abu, may you rest in peace. I’ll miss you, anyway.

To continue with the less than great news, Zulu’s not himself. Last week he threw up all over the house in the middle of the night. Poor Mike, who got up first and cleaned most of it up, reported that he hit three of the four corners of the rug in the study, and deposited one offering right in the middle.

Post puppy-vomiting Zulu went right off his food, and has refused to eat anything but rice soaked in chicken soup for most of the last week.

Yesterday I came downstairs at lunch to find Zulu galloping around and foaming at the mouth. It looked as if he’d swallowed a whole container of bubble bath. Foam was just dripping from his little jaws and flying around in big, white, bubbly clumps every time he shook his head. He shook his head a lot. This was when I said a small prayer of thanks that I do not have to mop our floors (right before I said a small prayer that went something like, “please don’t let our dog have rabies.”)

We took Zulu outside and poured buckets of cold water over his head to wash away all the foam and then tried to take a look in his mouth to see if anything was in there. He wasn’t a fan of this plan, but as far as we can tell he didn’t get into any of our cleaning products, and we still have no idea what caused the bubble mouth. After an hour it just stopped.

The vet doesn’t think he has rabies (plus, she pointed out, he’s been vaccinated). She thinks he’s been eating geckos or toads. I don’t think so, as he has a lovely habit of bringing whatever he values into the house and dropping it on the floor (this includes large rocks, dead sparrows, big clumps of dirt, and bones) and I haven’t seen any mangled geckos or toads among his treasures.

“Living with Zulu is good training for not needing to have the house neat and clean all the time,” I said the other day, as I stepped over a pile of dirt and shredded newspaper that had been lovingly constructed in the middle of our living room over the weekend.

“So is living with you,” Mike said.

My guess is that Zulu has been sharing a virus with his new five-week-old friend next door, as that puppy has the same symptoms. I did learn something new from the vet yesterday, though. Zulu will take three injections without even a whimper as long as someone is feeding him a steady stream of tiny cheese pieces and/or buffalo meat. I wonder if that will work with babies?

Speaking of babies, I’m at week 14 now and I’ve had more than a week of feeling so much better, but nausea’s back today. What’s up with THAT? I definitely have not been eating geckos or toads (though I was vastly entertained last night to see our local vegetable seller just down the street is now also selling dead rats and toads by the bunch, right alongside the Japanese eggplants and beans).

If only humans hatched babies so I could let someone else sit on the nest for a while. I wouldn’t let Zulu do it – he’d doubtless eat the egg. But Mike’s pretty responsible, I’d let him take the egg to work with him and he could sit on it there.

Given that I can’t palm this off onto Mike, however, I feel I’ve been doing my part to keep the little egg healthy. We regularly walk around town, and I’ve been doing prenatal yoga three times a week. I don’t have a yoga blanket, but I’ve found that the couch cushions work quite well. I don’t have a yoga strap, but one of Mike’s belts is an adequate substitute. And I don’t have a yoga block, but finally I have found a use that my beloved mother will wholeheartedly approve of for the item in the following photograph.

What unusual uses have you been putting household items to lately? And any ideas on puppy bubble mouth? And while I’m asking questions, has anyone seen Abu?

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.

11 responses to “Monkeys, puppies, and pregnancy yoga

  1. One time my kitten was sick so I tried to give him some baby medicine (before I found out this would have made him more sick) but it didn’t matter because he, too, did the buble mouth thing as a way to keep the medicine/poison from going into his stomach. It stopped about half an hour after I stopped trying to give him eyedroppers full of stuff. So maybe Zulu’s foaming was a reaction to something worse he tried to eat and was actually part of the solution….?? Bummer about Abu!

    • It is, isn’t it? Poor little monkey – he hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Interesting about your kitten. Yeah, I hope that was it. I hope he did try to eat a gecko or something and it had nothing to do with all the other stuff that’s been going on inside. He seems to be getting much better – even periodically excited about food again.

  2. I wish I’d seen Abu. Instead, we’ve managed to acquire my baby nephew for a few days while my brother and sister-in-law escape to the mountains. Sometimes he’s rather monkey-like (and arguably as adorable as Abu, especially when he’s all smiles and baby laughter).

    • Probably not as agile as Abu though, which is a very good thing. Babies that can get out over railings and onto the roof (or up onto the light fixture) would be scary scary! Enjoy playing auntie!

  3. My cat has never had any foamy mouth sort of thing, but she has had a couple of bouts of other messy occurrences that made me consider that moving to another house might be the best way to deal with them. I do hope that Abu hasn’t become soup. I’m probably being a bleeding heart vegetarian, but he was much too cute, and I don’t have to listen to him — though I would know how to make a great pudding to use up those bananas. I hope you get over the nausea soon. My memories of it make me wonder how you manage, with the dead rats and toads, and the puppy foam! Props to you!

    • I hope he didn’t become soup too. In my story, he scampered off and found a troupe of monkeys nearby (never mind that I’ve never seen wild monkey around LP, no, never mind that) and is living happily ever after having much more fun with them than he did with us). That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it 🙂

  4. Lisa,

    Interesting symptoms. I didn’t find anything useful on the web – other than other people with dogs doing the same thing so I’m wondering:

    1.) Excess saliva could be from the sick stomach – much like humans maybe when your mouth waters a lot before you start puking LOL
    2.) Could he have gotten into soap/detergent/liquid bubbles – anything like that? Stomach upset (puking/diarrhea) in humans is (I think) associated with digesting soap and can cause bubbly saliva if I’m not mistaken.

    • Yeah, it looked like he might have, but I’m almost positive he didn’t. None of our detergent bottles were disturbed, and our maid was here the whole time and I’m pretty sure she would have caught him doing something silly like that. Maybe it was just a perfect storm and he was already sick, and then caught something out in the yard. It hasn’t happened since and he seems almost back to normal. Even eating much better again! Thanks!

  5. I did find this:
    (Detergent Poisoning in Dogs & Cats)

    It doesn’t mention bubbles in the saliva though.

  6. Cheese works for my baby…I hope it works for yours. 🙂

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