“That” dog

This morning, as he sometimes does, Mike woke up before 5am. In an effort to avoid disturbing me, he decided to go outside and sit on the balcony. At about 6 he came and crawled back into bed.

“Did you hear the dog?” he asked.

At this point I may have said something uncomplimentary about that dog. Profane, even.

I could feel Mike smiling in the darkness.

“Is it that scruffy little sod? That mangy cur?” I asked. “The one that sits in the street next door looking miserable all day long? Is that the pre-dawn howler?”

“Yeah,” Mike said. “That one. Want to hear something interesting?”

“You saw a tuk tuk run over him this morning?” I asked, hopeful.

“The gate to the guesthouse was open,” Mike said. “He could have gone out into the street and played and been a happy little dog.  But he didn’t. He was sitting, howling, in front of a wide open gate.”



3 responses to ““That” dog

  1. Anyone else think that looks like the head of a german shepard stuck on the entirely too small body of a corgi? Odd mix. Sorta like a minataur. 😛

  2. HA ha haaaaah ha haha ha ahaaaa. A worried, fretful, little minataur.

  3. That surly hellion? That audacious, furred minstrel of Sheol? That conniving canine? He made me smile this morning. So did you, Lisa. . . Say hi to Mike. . .

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