Breakfast at Joma

This is a shot in one of my favorite places in Luang Prabang so far, Joma. Joma of cinnamon buns and lattes and, even more importantly, AC and wifi.

Earlier this week, Mike and I had an early morning breakfast there as per our current routine. In the background Ella Fitzgerald was playing Let’s Fall In Love.

Mike: “Oh, honey, we have the place all to ourselves.”

Lisa: “Yup, just the two of us having a romantic breakfast. The two of us, with our two laptops in between us.”

Mike: “Just like most of the rest of our relationship so far.”


12 responses to “Breakfast at Joma

  1. Yeah! You know that life is beginning to return to normal when Lisa starts writing dialogues again!

  2. Priceless! And a great snapshot of expat existance. I really want to visit you both!!!

  3. PS- You need a Twitter account to flog your literary wares.

  4. That place looks more delightful than some of the Old Town coffee spots….. are you sure you’re roughing it??!! 🙂

  5. A latte, a laptop, and a cinnamon bun? You rock.

  6. It is a great comfort to me to know that you have AC at least somewhere in your life. I love air conditioning.

  7. Me too me too me too me too me too.

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