Thoughtfullness points

Mike’s never been to the Hollywood Bowl. Lisa went online to see if there was anything scheduled for the first week of June when he’s back, but alas. Performances don’t start until about the 12th.

Later, on a skype date…

Lisa: “I tried to do something special for you today. It didn’t work, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway so I get some ‘thoughtfulness points’.”

Mike: “Uh, OK. I think you just lost some points there by telling me that’s what you were doing.”

Lisa: “I may have lost a few of the thoughtfulness points but I gained a couple of honesty equals righteousness points, so that’s a wash. Overall, I’ll still come out ahead.”


2 responses to “Thoughtfullness points

  1. I love the Bowl and dining al fresco before concerts. Here’s my post about it:

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