Indonesia and Cambodia

What’s “right now” is a construction zone right outside the window of the bedroom at my guesthouse in Phnom Penh. And a very loud radio. Oh, and an air conditioner that’s struggling. And no hot water. But that last one doesn’t matter, because, well, the air conditioner’s struggling and it’s really, really, hot here. So when in need of a shower, cold is just fine.

Let’s just say that there are some days when I enjoy these experiences more than others.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Mike left for a gig in Malawi two weeks ago. I left for Indonesia just about exactly a week ago. The Jakarta program turned out just fine, despite a host of logistical challenges – including a frantic phone call from the caterer at 9am the morning we started saying “we forgot to do your food, and the driver is lost”. But they got it sorted right when I was trying to figure out where we were going to walk our group of 20 to feed them, and all’s well that ends well. After some tense moments, Jakarta was a success.

So, since I was already going to be in the region after the work in Indonesia I figured that it was a good idea to do a quick hop, skip, and jump across to Cambodia to have a look-see as to the needs of the local mental health community here and run some workshops for a local organization that Headington is interested in supporting.

I am no longer entirely convinced it was a good idea. But let’s not go there right now. Because I’m here now and there’s nothing to be done about that except soldier through.

Right now it’s 6:30am. Yesterday started with an alarm clock at 2am so I could catch my flights from Jakarta, and ended with no dinner. Hopefully today will bring better nutrition, better cheer, and maybe even less noise from next door???

One can only hope.

Thanks for dropping by,


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