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For those of you who are wondering why there have been no Lisa&Mike dialogues on here lately… That is because most of their conversations right now go something like this:

Mike: “Can you please remember to get a certificate of creditable coverage for health insurance from work? I need to submit that to World Vision.”

Lisa: “OK. Do I need to have a physical before we leave?”

Mike: “Hmmm, dunno. But we do need to get the car smog checked before we can sell it. If we can sell it.”

Lisa: “That piece of crap car. Did you let your parents know our schedule for June?”

Mike: “Yes. Did you have Alicia double-check your dates for your flights to Indonesia and Cambodia?”

Lisa: “Not yet. Oh, when you get a chance can you check to see if those deposits came through to link the bank accounts?”

Mike: “Yeah. Hey, speaking of things we need to buy, have you decided what size screen you want for the computer?”

Lisa: “Sort of. Maybe. Has the contract for Malawi come through? When are you leaving again? Saturday, right?”

Mike: “No contract for Malawi yet, but I booked the Laos tickets for April. Will you still have time to go over the taxes with me tonight?”

Oh yeah… It’s all fun and games in the McWolfe household at the moment.


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