Birthday logistics

Lisa and Mike are looking at the calendar for the next few months trying to fit together all the pieces for February and March. London (Lisa). Malawi (Mike). Indonesia & Cambodia (Lisa):

Lisa: “March 24th is the day the workshops finish in Cambodia. If I leave the next day I could be home on my birthday. We’ve never been together on my birthday yet.”

Mike: “After 24 hours in the air you’ll be the happiest birthday girl ever.”

Lisa: “Not.”

Mike (leaping up from the table with a look of sudden horror): “Oh, crap. Birthdays! Presents! I’m taking back that nice scarf I bought you from my last trip. Where is it? I’m taking it back right now and I’m going to wrap it up.”

Lisa: “I’m going to put this on facebook. It’ll be one of the few things that make you look like a bastard instead of me.”

Mike: “Can’t we take a truce on birthday presents this year?”

Lisa: “No, it’s not setting good precedent. We’re still in the ‘setting patterns’ phase of our relationship.”

Mike: “Exactly, think how much easier it will make birthdays if we don’t have to think about presents from here on out.”

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