Many things that start with “L”

So London was intense. Week-long international trips for work usually are, and this was no exception. It was one long blur of enduring flights, late night conversations, facilitating workshops, leading a retreat process, eating Thai food in a pub while watching the snow swirl in the glow of the street lights outside, and then going out into that cold to walk to the train and realizing yet again that though I adore watching snow fall… it’s just not worth the cold if you have to brave it unprotected for any length of time. I’m really glad I remembered to pack gloves and a scarf.

The work I went there to do went well, I do believe, and I walked away feeling happily exhausted in the belief that it was time well spent.

Then, of course, there were the unexpected and wholly serendipitous gifts that travel like this brings.

Catching up with a distant cousin I hadn’t seen in a decade.

Lunch with my best friend from high school in Zimbabwe.

Riding through the slippery streets on the back of a motorcycle, along the Thames and past Parliament House. Although not generally a huge fan of London, in those half hour trips I was utterly charmed and occasionally afraid for my life (a fantastic combination, I generally find).

A day in Oxford visiting old friends and making new ones. And being stunned by the visual beauty of the place. All that learned majesty left me feeling inspired to… well… learn and be majestic.

And then came the flight home and no sleep for 12 hours and 5 movies in the row (one of which I am very ashamed to admit was Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) and by the time I landed back in LA I felt plane-grungy and exhausted and feral and about as far from majestic as you can imagine.

Mike met me at the curb with a Valentine’s day rose and chocolate. Nothing says happy valentine’s day like curbside roses at LAX, I reckon. Boy was I glad to see him. And to hop in the shower when we got home.

Mike’s been on the east coast this week. He’s back tomorrow, and we have a whole week and six days together before he’s off again, this time to Malawi. We ran the numbers the other day and we’ll only see each other for about four weeks between now and June.

Why??? Well that’s the other part of the “L” update, which you’ll have to wait a little longer for. That one’s coming next time.

thanks for dropping by,

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