Monthly Archives: December 2009


I intend to update my website weekly, I really do. But things just get in the way. Like Mike coming back from Indonesia and the joys of reunion (and the trials of vicarious jet lag when we’re relearning how to share a bed again and not sleeping at all well!). Then, Thanksgiving. Then moving offices at work the day before we left for Australia. Then packing. Then heading to the airport pretty much straight from work.

Then five days in Sydney that included a good friend’s wedding, an all day bruch, a lovely (hah) 4 hour interlude at the US consulate so I could get a new visa, and a hot and sweaty walk between Coogee and Bronte before dinner on the beach one night.

Then six days in Melbourne which was pretty much friends, friends, friends – one day we started with breakfast at nine with one group, and ended shooting moose in a video game in a pub at 1:30am three events later.

Then we flew up to Ballina four days ago. Happy. And holiday tired. And it’s taken until now to even want to LOOK at my website.

I love it up here. It’s green and lush. Cicadas humming in the background, the breeze tangling in the tops of the gum trees. On a walk up the gravel road the other day Mike and I saw two koalas, a wallaby and about eighty cows.

So that’s where I’m at right now. And where I’ll stay until the 31st of December when we head back to LA. On holiday, staring out across the river to sea. Enjoying wineoclocks. And doing a fair bit of watching my two and a half year old niece learn new words every day (one this week was “fragile” and learned at the expense of a Peter Pan eggcup she wanted to drink apple juice out of).

It’s fun.

Hope you’re having a wonderful lead up to Christmas. Thanks for stopping by,