The pit of negativity

Lisa is not going to tell you what she said to spark this exchange. Suffice to say that it was 11:30 at night and she suddenly stepped over the line from drama-queen venting into a real “I suck and I hate myself” kind of statement. The kind of statement she usually manages to stay far, far, away from.

Mike: “Whoah. Stop. Seriously, stop. Where is that coming from?”
Lisa (grumbling, knowing she’s gone too far): “The pit of negativity.”
Mike: “And what do we do with things that come out of the pit of negativity?”
Lisa: “We look at them and say, ‘Oh my, there’s all this truth I usually ignore.’”
Mike: “No. We thrown them back down, spit in the pit, and keep walking out of that valley over the mountain of irrationality until we reach the mountain of positivity. And what’s on that mountain?”
Lisa: “Ice cream trees. And rabbits.”
Mike (agreeably). “Sure, ice cream trees and rabbits. And we do not spiral downward into the pit of negativity at 11:30 at night. That does no one any good.”

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