Lisa walks out the front door and sits down ready to enjoy a sunset glass of wine with Mike on his first night back in LA. Mike walks out behind her and tests the door just before he pulls it shut – which is fortunate as Lisa had, for reasons she cannot adequately explain, locked it as she walked out without her keys.

Mike: “Speaking of locks, I have a story from today.”
Lisa: “Oooh, story. Good!”
Mike: So I’ve learned that we have a very safe carpark here at the apartment.”
Lisa: “Uh huh.”
Mike: “When I went down this morning my car was unlocked.”
Lisa (trying not to yawn): “Uh, huh.
Mike: “So, if we leave my car unlocked for three weeks then nothing will really happen.”
Lisa: Uh huh. (Yawn). My car self-locks after ten minutes.”
Mike: “My car doesn’t. It’s sort of like the front door. It needs you to pay attention to whether it’s locked or not.”

There is a long pause.

Lisa: “Oh! You means I left your car unlocked three weeks ago after I took it to San Diego. That was the point of that story?”
Mike: “I was trying to be gentle.”
Lisa: “Well you were so gentle I was just thinking it was the most boring story ever. I’m pretty much still thinking that.”


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