Capacity building

Lisa and Mike manage to connect via skype for the first time in several days. It’s 9am in LA, and 7pm in Sudan.

Mike: “Hello!”
Lisa: “Hello! I’m just finishing up my Noah’s bagel for breakfast. It’s been either feast or famine over here when it comes to breakfast this week. Almonds and dried mango at my desk, or yummy blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese… at my desk.”
Mike: “Have you gone grocery shopping since I left?”
Lisa: “Uh, no. Hence, breakfast at the office.”
Mike: “I’m discerning some systemic gaps in your self-organization when it comes to life admin. That’s all right, I’m a capacity builder. And very patient.”
Lisa: “Here’s another idea. You could just come back here and fill those gaps instead of trying to build up my capacity.”
Mike: “Development theory suggests that approach doesn’t work so well in the long run. It creates handout expectations, breeds dependency, and all that.”
Lisa: “Look, I’m willing to risk it.”

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