Lisa wakes up at 8:30 on Saturday, wanders out, and curls up on the couch with her laptop. Mike has been awake since 6:30, walked to the shops to buy ingredients for a picnic lunch, and is now in the kitchen making breakfast.

Mike: “Would you like some coffee?”
Lisa: “Yes please. Hey, there’s this piece on CNN that this guy in Kenya offered 40 goats and 20 cows for Chelsea Clinton.”
Mike: “Awww, honey, if I had 40 goats and 20 cows I’d offer them to your papa for your hand in marriage. Do you think that would get me somewhere?”
Lisa doesn’t answer. She is still reading.
Mike: “Huh?”
Lisa: “What? Oh, maybe. You know, what would really do it is if you threw in a couple of miniature horses – then Mum would totally be on your side and that would get you somewhere.”
Mike pops his head out of the kitchen, and waggles his finger: “No, no, no. We’re not going to start empowering female voices. No, no, no.”
Lisa (still reading): “Oh, sorry my lordship, you’re right. Utterly careless of me to suggest that.”
Mike: So do you think that would get me somewhere?
Lisa: “If it would please your royal self to repeat the details of the plan, since I was paying less than 100% attention.”
Mike (laying out cereal bowls and yogurt): “Even less than you normally pay to me?”
Lisa: “Even less than that. Oh, is breakfast ready?”

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