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Spotlight on character

First up this week… My friend and reviewer extraordinaire in Australia, Rel, recently came up with a fun idea – character spotlights for novels. Last week she posted a Character spotlight for Cori, and asked me to find some pictures of actors that could maybe play the characters. I nominated a young Emily Blunt for Cori and between the two of us we came up with some picks for the rest of the team as well. It was a lot of fun. I am really bad with names, particularly of movie stars, so when asked to come up with pictures that might represent my characters it was a real struggle. I sat here for well over half an hour googling things like “young famous actress red hair” and then browsing through all the pictures trying to figure out if they “fit”. It’s really amazing what sort of sites those sort of searches can pull up. I had no idea :).

On other fronts, Mike got a call last Wednesday night from an Australian organization asking him if he’d like to go to Papua New Guinea for a short term contract… on Monday. So that’s where he is right now – in a remote town in PNG minus his luggage (which apparently disappeared somewhere between Brisbane and Port Moresby, and may well not reappear, which is really annoying because – apart from the fact he’ll have to go two weeks with one set of clothes and whatever else he can buy there – it’s not like he has many spare pairs of shoes or pants, to be honest). He’s also minus an air conditioner, decent food, and a lot of sleep. So, he’s doing it tough this week. In two weeks, however, he’ll be spending a couple of days with my parents at Orana (their recently-named house, Orana is an Aboriginal word that means “welcome”). I am heaving a big sigh of jealousy at the thought that he will be there without me.

Meanwhile, I’ve readjusted to having the whole bed to myself, although not really to how quiet the house seems without him here. I miss him. Which is somewhat reassuring too.

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The Moth

So Mike and I went out this week to The Moth – a live storytelling event where you go, put your name in the hat, and then if your name is drawn out of the hat during the course of the night you have to get up on stage and tell a five minute story on that night’s theme with no notes in front of 200 people.

Yes, terrifying.

No, I don’t know why I regularly feel compelled to do things I find terrifying.

Anyway, Mike and I both seem to be afflicted with that particular problem, and we both put our names in the hat.

Mike got pulled as the first storyteller of the evening and told a great tale of coming home to America after being an aid worker overseas and trying to relearn what being at home here meant after spending years building toilets in remote villages that (as an added bonus) can help prevent gender-based violence (see Jesus Wants You To Build A Toilet).

I was picked as the last storyteller of the evening, and told the story of how Mike and I met, and fell in love, and got married (yes, in five minutes, I told the short version – although many of my uninhibited friends have implied that that’s about all there was to our unusual courtship, a short version).

Short version of this story about the moth is… I won. Or, I tied with another contestant, so technically we both won. And now we both have to… I mean, get to… compete in the LA Moth Grand Slam event sometime in September.

Thanks to Mike for making my story possible in the first place, and for setting me up so nicely. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have won without the “awww-factor” set-up. As in, “Awwww, the stress management trainer married that charming toilet-building aid worker whose job helps prevent women from being raped. How romantic is that?”

So, now, the question becomes what on earth am I going to say at the Grand Slam?

Maybe I’ll be out of the country in September – in Sudan or Pakistan perhaps.

One can only hope.

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