The engagement ring

Mike and Lisa are driving down the freeway. After four months of engagement, three trips to Robbins Brothers, two thousand internet searches, and a partridge in a pear tree… Lisa has finally decided on an engagement ring.

Mike (shell-shocked): “We just bought a small car for your finger.”
Lisa: “Well, yes. A small, second-hand, car.” (Then, hastily) “But it will be much more beautiful than a car.”
[There is an extended pause]
Lisa (trying to be helpful): “At least this won’t lose value like an actual car would. That could come in handy.”
Mike: “How’s that?”
Lisa: “Well, you know, we might need to barter it for something someday – like safe passage on a boat during a military coup.”
[There is another extended pause]
Mike: “I cannot believe you said that less than ten minutes after I signed the credit card slip.”
Lisa: “I would take you with me on the boat.”
Mike: “Just look at all those shovelsful of dirt flying out of that hole you’re digging there.”
Lisa (sulking): “Hey, I was trying to save your life.”
Mike: “This is one of those times when you should just stop talking.”

Lisa decides to stop talking until she figures out whether Mike is actually upset, or not. She is still trying to figure it out when they get home fifteen minutes later.

Six weeks go by. The ring is ready. Mike and Lisa go to pick it up. When they open the box Lisa is silent with awe. She was right, it is much more beautiful than a car. Mike looks at it thoughtfully.

Mike: “Wow, it’s really pretty. I’m going to miss it when we have to barter it for boat tickets.”

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